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We work hard to offer you the Best Quality Dishes and Drinks.

Los Pinos Restaurant is well known for its delicious dishes especially for its famous typical mexican and salvadorean dishes such as Tacos, Tortillas, Pupusas Y Burrito and more.

Our Company

Los Pinos Restaurant is the inescapable and indisputable restaurant when quality and perfection are sought; It is not for nothing that he can boast with such pride of having provided excellent service and exquisite food since 1985. 

Thanks to a visionary and enterprising woman, the first Restaurant opens its doors in 1985 in San Salvador. Due to the conditions of the country at that time, this Woman decided to embark on a new business course, she moved to the United States where she is looking for a lot of effort to start her business again (1998), which was a success since it created a rustic architectural appearance log cabin style. Under a service model called Restaurant “full service”. Since its opening, Los Pinos Restaurant was recognized for the quality of its dishes and highly competitive prices. In view of the success of the first point a new Los Pinos Restaurant was opened in 1990 in the area of ​​Boston. This restaurant was equally successful since its inauguration. Subsequently, in 1993 the second branch located was inaugurated. A new, more modern architectural image was designed. Several openings have been made such as: Chelsea (1997) and framingham (2019). The results of tradition and quality are not only found in the food, but in the warm atmosphere that floods the place. Its size, details and ambience are the ideal combination so that our clients are comfortable and confident.

Cecilia Herrera


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